How Can Home Based Business Help The Environment?


HOME Based Business & Global Warming are two hot topics and they could sizzle if combined together. Have you given it a thought that if you Base Your Business or Work From Home how much value you would add to this community, this country, this World , the Animal Kingdom and most of all, this Human Kind? This topic is big time and mark my words the future is leading to Super Home Based Businesses. The Suave Marketing executives in Giovanni suits and Hermes Ties would be seen in designer Pajamas from the new age Fashion Designers catering to the Home Based Business Executive.

Whats important here is how does it help the environment? Common sense tells me that a huge saving on Energy & Fuel ! The Moment you step out of your Home you start crunching on the energy within and out. From Cranking up of the engine to getting to the office spells pollution ! Imagine metros like Mumbai, Shanghai, London, New York & Mexico City had a reduction of 50% of their Traffic Why because people were getting set up with their Home Based Businesses? Wow ! This would be great news for the Penguins of the South Pole and the Reindeers of the North.

Now looking at the fuels we burn for commuting and the air conditioning we use in our offices. These are major contributors to Global Warming that has already caused the Icebergs to melt and the Siachen Glacier to half its size. The Water World fantasy seems not a very distant reality ! You may want to see an underwater Bahamas ! Think again Set up Home Based Businesses !

A control to the mindless rush between the Work Place and Living Place can only happen if we Introspect and make up our minds to building a strong Home Based Business. Use the Energy & the Fuel that nature has so graciously provided for you with, but for the rebuilding of what we have destroyed so quickly in the last century !
Set up top quality Home Based Businesses and save the World !!!

Finding Best Business Opportunity Leads

Are you ready to enter the always exciting world of online business? If so, get ready for a business environment where things are always in constant flux, where todays trend is tomorrows forgotten artifact, and where locating the best business opportunity leads is absolutely paramount to achieving a modicum of success in the busy business world of today.

Getting the pulse of your business environment

One of the most important things you can do as you begin to learn about how to locate the best business opportunity lead is to practice sharpening your instinct. Much has been said and written about instinct and its important in the crowded world of business. Without investment, how can you read the upcoming trends? Indeed, in order to locate business opportunity leads, you must be willing and ready to get the pulse of your business environment. This means that you should be prepared to get a feeling about whats hot and whats not, and be ready to act on this information. If you are looking at a youth oriented business plan, do not be afraid to solicit opinions from younger people who may have special insight.

Learning to talk to the right people

Much has been discussed about the importance of developing a strong business connections and networking skills. Why is this so important? This continues to be a vital part of doing business because it can help you detect the connections that can lead to stunning business opportunity. It is often said that much business is done outside the office, and this adage is most likely true. Learning to talk to the right people also means learning to figure out whole holds much of the information you need in order to make the right kinds of business decisions. In order to make the right decisions and locate the best business opportunity, you have to figure out who is in charge and who has the answers to questions you should be asking.

Learning to ask the right kinds of questions

In locating the best business opportunity leads, you will undoubtedly be in contact with people that has access to the information you needed order to make the best business decisions. But contacting these people is simply not enough. He must also be ready and willing to ask the right kinds of questions. These questions will of course, depend on the type of business venture that you are interested in. He prepared to ask hard questions, and be prepared to receive the answers. Learning to trust your own instinct.

No matter how many important people you talk to and how many expert opinions you manage to solicit, there will come a time when you will be faced with the decision you have to make on your own. This means that eventually you will have to learn to trust your own instinct. What seems like a good business opportunity to you? Others may not completely agree with your judgment all the time, but that is not important. What is important is making certain that you understand the decision making process that led you to that point.

Is Your Business Making You Sick?

Our business environment could actually be making us sick. Think about it. We sit in the same chair in the same position for hours at a time. We breathe the same air in and out… in and out… get the idea?

On a hot day in summer the heat can be unbearable and if you have air conditioning that just makes things worse, by removing all the moisture from the air.

Skipping breakfast and eating on the move whilst answering the phone or on the way to the bank leaves our body in despair. The highs and subsequent lows in blood sugar levels make us hyper one minute and grouchy the next.

All the electronic equipment around us… from fax machines, mobile phones, printers, computers and monitors create an unhealthy electromagnetic field all around us.

Sorry for the doom gloom but take heart – with small changes we can counteract most of the above.

Start the day with a good healthy breakfast – nothing beats porridge and a nice cup of tea. Keep some fruit on your desk – nothing beats a banana for a mid morning snack. Hey don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that porridge, bananas & fruit are the only combination, but they work for me. I find that foods that release energy slowly keep me going all day.

Drink plenty of water – I know that we have heard this before but I feel that it must be repeated again. Water serves to remove the toxins from our body and helps our skin to stay hydrated. How much water is enough? A glass an hour is sufficient.

Move all electronic equipment that you can away from your sitting area. Does that printer need to be so close? Use a headset when talking on the mobile and buy an anti glare screen for your monitor. Hide all your wires. Not only are they a hazard but the also make our minds cluttered.

Stop being so intense all the time! When typing, caress the keyboard rather then hammering it so hard. Keep your monitor at eye level and get a cordless mouse and keyboard that you can move around to suit your posture. Buy a decent office chair with arm rests – did you know that if you have arm rests and use them, you reduce the pressure on your spine greatly.

By taking simple measures you can greatly reduce your chances of getting repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Stress is another major issue we all face. Computers not connecting to the internet, phones constantly ringing, email responses not arriving on time and far too much spam! Buy a decent spam filter and every time you feel stressed out go for a little walk. If you followed the advice about drinking plenty of water – you will help to alleviate stress, as you will be forced to get up and go to the loo regularly!

Taking regular short breaks will actually serve to make us more efficient and productive in the long term and cut down on the number of days we are ill. Enjoy your working day.